By the Pricking of my Thumb

Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury
Picture rights to MDCarchives

So while I was traveling for the wedding, I spent my time reading Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury. I am a fan of Bradbury’s work, but have always had more on my plate. Not to say right now I didn’t, I am in the middle of two book reviews, but sometimes I need to read for leisure.

So the book is great. The descriptions can get a little lengthy, but that is Bradbury. The characters are all incredibly well defined, and the plot is interesting.

Usually I don’t write blogs about the books I read, but one concept in this book stood out to me. The concept of Evil being parasitic, and therefore, being able to starve. Forgive me for being ambiguous and not using specific examples or names, but for those who haven’t read the book it seems necessary.

I have always believe that things exist in binary. Everything is defined by its opposite. Everything. Before there were chairs, nothing  WASN’T a chair. Chairs didn’t exist. It wasn’t until we invented a chair, and everything else became NOT a chair, that chairs were a reality. I think the same thing exists in emotions, even in the concept of Good and Evil. People write a lot about how the Devil has good qualities like leadership, ambition, etc., and that this proves Evil can not exist without Good but Good can exist without Evil. Inherently, I am not sure this is true. If it was incredibly painful and dangerous to be charitable, would we still do it? We feel good by doing good, and inherently part of it is selfish. This is me digressing and thinking out loud, but it is still something to consider.

So evil can starve. It can be whittled down into nothing by taking away its power. As a writer, this is valuable, because Evil exists in me. I can feel it. I myself am not evil, but the evils of sloth and pride are so present in myself I can barely distinguish them from their positive counterparts. It is encouraging knowing that we can starve Evil, that it only has the power we feed it.

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